Website Security and Google Algorithm Updates

Subj: Are You Scaring Customers Away … Do You Even Know?


Is your website scaring customers away, and pushing them to do business
with your competition? This may be costing you huge sums of money, and
I’ll show you why … Do you know about the Google algorithm updates?
Do you know what this image means below? Click on the image to watch
the video to learn the ropes …

                                click the image to watch our video

website security and ssl certificates


When this warning pops up, customers are scared to enter any personal
information, because an unsecured website is easily hacked, and their
personal information may end up in the wrong hands.

Adding a simple layer of security (called an SSL certificate) can put their
minds at ease, and help show your customers that you care about their
private information.

Who knows, maybe there will be other things your site or business needs …
I’d be willing to provide you with your SSL certificate, and if you’re open
to the idea of working together to bring in more leads for your business,
maybe we can discuss the many ways our worldwide organization can
grow your revenue & profits better than ever.

Please reply to this email with “I’m interested” and we’ll go from there.


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